A student of mine today told me about his recent visit to Cambodia including Angkor wat. He told me that Angkor wat is an amazing piece of architeture and Cambodia is an inexpensive beautiful country with friendly people. Well worth visiting.



I heard today in my lesson that some trees in Izu are blossoming.  I'm looking forward to the trees blossoming in Tokyo and Saitama soon.



Today is St Patricks Day. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland.  This is a big festival originating from Ireland and now celebrated around the world. Like many English people I have Irish ancestry. 



A student of mine told me in a lesson today that Fujiku Highlands is much more exciting than Disney Land. I think so too. I hope to go to Fujiku Highlands some time this year. 



These days it is difficult to know what to wear to my classes because some days are warm but other days are cold.  



I met some students today who have just started new jobs using their English skills in new departments and new companys. Good luck to them. 



I taught a lesson today about a 90 year old elementary school student who is learning to read and write to help. Wow it is never too late to start learning something new.